Environmentally Sustainable Deicing Fluid

This two minute film looks at how a new 100% biological deicing fluid is helping All Nippon Airways (ANA) maintain its operations on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, despite severe winter conditions and freezing temperatures. ANA is the first airline and transport business to be certified “Eco First” by the Japanese government, and is committed to becoming the world’s leading environmentally friendly airline – in part by providing services and using products that will not damage the environment.

The world’s first de-icing fluid produced from a 100% biological glycol is called DF Sustain and is made by UK-based, market-leader Kilfrost.  One key ingredient is DFSustain is Susterra® propanediol, which replaces traditional crude oil in the glycol production process.  We reveal how DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products created Susterra® from sustainable corn sugar sources, helping to manufacture a deicing fluid that works in extreme cold temperatures while simultaneously reducing energy usage and carbon emissions in its manufacture and operation.  

This multiparty collaboration is the key to helping protect the environment and solving some of the biggest challenges facing our world today.


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