DuPont Government Collaborate to Help Make Our World Safer

DuPont government collaboration connects local and federal institutions with DuPont engineers and scientists, helping to create hundreds of protection, energy, and food solutions. Read about our deep history and how we continue to work alongside the U.S. government to help make the world a safer place.

Since E. I. du Pont met with Thomas Jefferson in 1802, our company has created a government collaboration, working alongside the U.S. government to help create the solutions that have protected and preserved our way of life.

Today, as the population of our country — and the world — grows, we face unprecedented challenges. At DuPont, we know that meeting not only the protection, but also the energy and food needs of people will take more than one company or government working alone.

So we are building new and stronger alliances with people, companies, organizations, and governments in an effort to help improve the lives of all citizens around the world. By combining science with this commitment to inclusive innovation, together we will be able to address the world’s challenges.

DuPont is a global collaborator bringing together thousands of people, ideas, and scientific innovations to help make anything possible.